The world's first Lodge consecrated for young Freemasons

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The Essex Cornerstone Lodge No. 9968 was founded on 2nd March 2019 in the Grand Temple at Freemasons Hall. It’s your Lodge, a place to meet friends, old and new, where we plan to make our meetings and Festive Boards a little bit different and certainly ones to remember.

Your new, young & vibrant Lodge is a world first and offers a permanent link to all Essex Cornerstone club members past and present. Having a Lodge means members can remain in touch with Brethren even after they’ve left the club.

We have put together a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below that may give you some further information and provide you with some answers.

To join this unique Lodge please contact Jack Gilliland, Lodge Secretary


We are excited to offer a permanent link to all members (past & present) through the Essex Cornerstone Lodge. The Lodge has no upper age limit meaning members can remain in touch with Brethren you have met through the Club once you reach 40 years old.

We have created a young, fun and vibrant lodge – offering different experiences where the content of the meetings is decided by you.

  • Increase Masonic education & experiences of all present and past club members.
  • Encourage and support young Masons in their masonic journey, promoting early involvement in their Lodges and the Craft generally.
  • Connect and stay connected to club members; present and past

The Essex Cornerstone Lodge is set up to compliment your existing Masonic activities. With just two meetings a year, no initiations, passings or raisings, no pressure to learn ritual, you will have the freedom and flexibility to join the Lodge on your terms. The Essex Cornerstone Lodge is not a replacement for your main lodge but to supplement your experience and add to your Masonic journey. The Lodge is created for its members, by its members. You can expect to see some incredible meetings – think of unusual ritual, fascinating demonstrations, compelling Masonic presentations, live videos links and, well, the sky’s the limit!

We have two meetings a year; December, to celebrate the Installation of a new Worshipful Master and June with an enjoyable and exciting meeting. The lodge is a roving lodge and goes all over the province

We have made cost a priority when creating the Essex Cornerstone Lodge and have kept fees to an absolute minimum. The yearly subscription is around £75, dining fees on top of this will be approximately £40 per meeting. (these are indicative costs)

To qualify for membership to this Lodge you need to belong to a working Lodge within Essex and part of the Essex Cornerstone Club.

We will not be a recruiting Lodge and we will not confer any masonic degrees on candidates. Think of it as a great way to truly be a part of your club and a way to support your Masonic journey.

If you wish to be considered for an office, please make yourself known to the committee.

Unfortunately not, the Essex Cornerstone Lodge is only for existing Freemasons who are subscribing members of another Essex lodge. We will be happy to help find you a suitable lodge that you can join. Once a member you will have the opportunity to join the Cornerstone Club and lodge.


Essex Cornerstone Club

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