Join the Essex Cornerstone Club, recognised as one of the premier new and young Masons clubs in the country, and immerse yourself in a community that values connection, education, and enjoyment.

As a member, you’ll meet other young individuals who share your passion for the fraternity, forming friendships and professional connections with peers your own age. Our club offers an array of dynamic activities, from exhilarating go-karting to relaxed brewery tours, alongside insightful talks on various Masonic orders. Each event is crafted to cater to diverse interests, ensuring there’s always something engaging for everyone.

The pinnacle of our club’s social calendar is the legendary Annual Members Dinner, a celebrated event that members eagerly anticipate each year. At the Essex Cornerstone Club, we provide more than just events; we offer a gateway to enriching experiences and lifelong friendships.

Join the Essex Cornerstone Club
Where fun meets fraternity and education in a journey that enriches your Masonic life.

Essex Cornerstone Club Membership

For young and new Freemasons under 40
£ 15 Yearly
  • Monthly social events across the Province
  • Welcome pack containing Club lapel pin and Masonic Passport (First Year)
  • Curated masonic events, just for club members
  • Access to a private Facebook page connecting you with other young Essex Masons
  • Eligibility to join the Essex Cornerstone Lodge No. 9968

Essex Cornerstone Club

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