New Leadership, Bright Future: New Chairman Charts the Course for Essex Cornerstone Club

HMS Belfast

The Essex Cornerstone Club has recently witnessed a significant change in its leadership structure. Bernie Smith, the outgoing chairman, passed the baton to Paul (PJ) Williams during a well-received event at HMS Belfast that marked the beginning of a new era for the club. Bernie’s tenure was characterised by dedication and a deep commitment to the club’s values, which have left a lasting impact on its members and the broader community.

PJ steps into the role with a clear vision and an optimistic plan for the future of the Essex Cornerstone Club. His leadership promises to build upon the solid foundation laid by his predecessor while introducing innovative strategies aimed at enhancing the club’s activities and membership engagement. Paul is particularly focused on expanding the club’s outreach, incorporating more charity projects, and strengthening the bonds between existing members.

In his introductory speech, PJ outlined his primary goals. He emphasised fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging among members, ensuring that the club remains a cornerstone in Essex Freemasonry.

PJ’s strategic vision includes enhancing the club’s profile, increasing the variety of events and activities offered, and creating a more engaging environment that encourages active participation from all members. By doing so, he aims to make the Essex Cornerstone Club a more vibrant, resourceful, and supportive space for everyone involved.

As the club turns this new page under PJ’s leadership, it stands poised for a future filled with growth, community service, and enriched member experiences.

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