Strikes and Solidarity the Essex Cornerstone Club Bowling Night


Last night, the Essex Cornerstone Club was abuzz with excitement as it hosted an exhilarating bowling event that was much more than just a game—it was a celebration of community and friendship among the members. The event saw a spectacular performance by Chris Mason, who skilfully clinched the coveted Cornerstone Bowling Trophy, setting a high standard for sportsmanship and skill.

Chris Mason Bowling

But the true essence of the evening was the camaraderie and fellowship that shone brightly. As member Chris Hayden stated, “This is why I love Freemasonry… great night, great company.” This sentiment echoed throughout the venue, emphasising that the event was not only about the competition but also about building lasting bonds and creating memorable moments together.

Freemasonry, known for its deep-rooted traditions of brotherhood, community service, and personal growth, found a perfect reflection of its values in the laughter and cheers that filled the room. Events like these serve as a cornerstone (pun intended!) for fostering unity and enjoyment among members, proving that it’s the shared experiences that count.

Chris Louis Bowling

As we look forward to more such gatherings, it’s clear that the Essex Cornerstone Club remains a beacon of friendship and joyous engagement. Whether it’s mastering the lanes or simply enjoying a night out with friends, the club continually provides a welcoming space for all its members. Here’s to many more nights of strikes, spares, and smiles at the Essex Cornerstone Club! 

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