News on Essex Cornerstone Chapter

Chapter Apron

Exciting news was read out at the Supreme Grand Chapter that will have the companions of Essex Cornerstone Chapter jumping for joy. On the 27th of April, during a meeting held at UGLE, it was announced that their petition to create the Essex Cornerstone Chapter had been granted. All of the founders and petitioners have been accepted without exception, and it’s full steam ahead now. This news has filled the companions with enthusiasm and anticipation as they can now start planning and making this new Chapter the best in the United Kingdom.

The companions can now put their heads together and work towards a common goal, which is to make this new Chapter a great success.

In the upcoming weeks and months, the Scribe Ezra will be contacting all the companions to request their support in making this new Chapter a success. This will require all the founders to pull together and contribute in whatever way they can.

The current plan is to concentrate this November, and the dates will follow in due course. This gives everyone ample time to prepare for the event and make it a memorable one.

In conclusion, this is fantastic news for all the companions, and it is an excellent opportunity for them to work together and create something special. This news has come at a perfect time and has given everyone something to look forward to. The companions can now start preparing for the event, and with everyone’s contribution, they can make this new Chapter the best in the United Kingdom.

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